A new technology to use body ions to transmit data wirelessly


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The biosensors that are implanted inside the human body to measure the functions of various organs such as the brain, heart, and others are extremely important for maintaining human health, but sometimes they lack an effective means of transmitting the data they collect to the outside of the body for the benefit of doctors and specialists.

And a team of researchers in the United States has come up with a new technology to enhance the ability of these sensors to transmit data wirelessly based on body ions, which are electrically charged atoms, whether positive or negative energy, which are naturally available inside the human body.

The study, conducted by researchers at Columbia University and reported in the journal Science Advances, is based on the idea that living tissue inside the body is rich in ions, similar to electric batteries, and therefore it is possible by implanting electrodes inside human organs to transmit wireless signals to the outside in the form of electrical impulses To be received by external reception units to decode it.

And the website “Medical Express” that specializes in medical research quoted researcher Dion Khodaguli from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University as saying: “From the brain to muscle activities to hormonal concentrations, this data must be transferred abroad so that experts can benefit from it in making medical decisions. different”.

He stressed that these data are extremely important, especially in pathological cases that witness changes in the readings of the vital functions of body tissues over time, such as epilepsy and movement disorders, for example.

Although cables or micro wires are a simple and easy way to transfer data from sensors that are implanted inside the body to external receiving units, implanting any wires inside the body limits the possibility of using these sensors for long periods, while relying on traditional means of transmitting data wirelessly such as Radio waves or light rays do not allow much effectiveness in penetrating living tissues in the human body.


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