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There is no evidence of the truthfulness of the experience of the poet Abd al-Rahman Mowkali, that you find him present in his text “in the moqtab, the ma’oz, the shamiz, the akwa, the baitran, the hazab, the wormwood, the saqb, the wala, the fenka, the pine, the pine, the eye of the hugs, the basil and the kadi.” “Al-Mawakli,” as his friends call him, is a printed poet, and a civilized intellectual, who formulates a charming poem from the ordinary, and refers the pain to the infallibility of silence, affecting the sleep in the forest of the soul, avoiding the echo of the noise, and the mood swings of friends. Al-Shojoon, and here are some of what we came out with from the “Masha’arah” Ramadan series.

• Who are you?

•• I am Abd al-Rahman.. Kohl, and the eyes are a beacon.. My father I hardly know him.. My grandfather I forgot who he is.. My mother is the terrain of the hills.. My homeland is on the shoulders.

• What did poetry give you?

•• What blows the flood to my blind eyes.

• Are you concerned about the culture?

•• Concern over culture is linked to dreams, and with age, dreams diminish and self-awareness and knowledge of the innermost self becomes the most important, and this is a cultural concern, but it is lessened by the collective concern.

• How satisfied are you with the cultural scene, both institutionally and individually?

•• I read and watch some of the activities held by cultural institutions, but I cannot judge them or them, because I am far from them. The issue of satisfaction is linked to the person authorized to be responsible for cultural institutions.

• Did we rush to kill the clubs?

•• I do not think the clubs are dead.. they may be sick, and the patient is treated and brought to life, meaning: the clubs need a legal system that defines the work of these clubs, memberships and financial income, and their connection as institutions in terms of follow-up and financial control.

• How do culture and arts associations continue with their many responsibilities and few budgets?

•• Culture and arts associations are our most important cultural institutions by looking at the nature of their work, but they are – unfortunately – marginal institutions in their connection with the authorities concerned with culture, in addition to the financial scarcity that made them work without plans in the short and long term and subject to the interpretations of those in charge of them.

• Where do you place our Saudi cultural scene among the Arab scenes?

•• From my point of view, we should not subject the cultural scene to comparison with anyone, and we should not be in a cultural race with anyone, but with ourselves, how do we transcend yesterday and today, and what we must do in the future, institutions, society and individuals.

• What is your impression of the awards?

•• Awards are part of the cultural movement in any society, and their value lies in the award’s independence.

• How successful are you in reconciling your poet and critic?

•• The poet is the most important self-critic, but the poet’s “I” remains biased towards itself.

• Is poetry still able to convey its message?

•• Poetry is pleasure, and the message and what might be called the attitude come complementary.

• Why is the culture scene filled with the educated clash of the educated?

•• There is a clash based on personal conflict and subject to the whims of self-love and this is very abhorrent, and a conflict that is over issues far from the personal and this is the commendable conflict.

• How do you see the utilitarian intellectual?

•• I do not know what is meant by “utilitarianism” is it gaining through culture? Or is it the absence of the educated owner of the case?

• Should the intellectual be pragmatic?

•• My understanding is short of pragmatism.. I went back to “the internet” and found the definitions of “I didn’t ride with me,” so: “excuse and tolerance.”

• What do you say to the friend of the poet Ali Al-Dumaini?

•• I am your ransom.

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