Best Modern Carpet Color Trends for 2022


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Because modern carpets are still an essential part of many interior designs. We will present you a photo album of modern carpets that you can choose from.

Modern carpets 2022:
2022 will be the year of color and creativity, so it is not surprising that a wide variety of patterns enter into the design of modern rugs: [1]
Patterned rugs are back in fashion for living rooms and bedrooms. Patterned carpets in bright colors can be placed in small rooms.
Wide horizontal longitudinal stripes in the carpet visually expand the space of the room.
It is recommended to choose neutral colors in the design of the carpet so that you can coordinate the floors with the wall decorations in the different rooms.
Earthy tones and warm colors will be the color trends of this year’s rugs as these colors make us feel safe, optimistic and lively.
It should be noted that the classic style is very popular in the trends of 2022 in various aspects of interior design. You can choose faded designs that create an antique look, and can draw inspiration from certain cultures.
Modern carpet color trends 2022:
We would like to bring to your attention some of the most popular colors of carpet in 2022 to inspire you for something new.

Experts suggest that you should opt for bright colors like yellow that add warmth during the winter days.
We suggest you opt for a nature-inspired green or brown to keep the room warm.
This pink color has become popular and has been incorporated into interior design. The pink rug will soften the atmosphere and bring a new sparkle to the room.
Bring the ocean breeze into your room with a dark blue rug and add a touch of freshness to your interior design.
Modern carpet materials:
The continuing trend of returning to nature is still common in 2022 as there is a great demand for natural materials. Among the best materials for modern carpets:

Woolen rugs with a dense pile are ideal for bedrooms as they are extremely soft underfoot as they are made of natural, biodegradable and renewable fibers.
Jute rugs decorate floors or many homes due to their durable nature and versatility.
Natural animal hide rugs add a wild touch and a warm feeling to the room when combined with classic décor. Modern carpets are usually made of cow, goat, sheep and zebra hides.
Kilim is one of the finest materials that make carpets a unique painting. The best types of kilims are the Moroccan kilims, which are characterized by dense wool and limited colors, and the Tunisian kilims, which are made of very fine wool.
The Shinwa rugs are made of wool and silk materials, and are distinguished by delicate stitches and dense patterns of flowers and animals.
A thick velvet-like rug is all you need for a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom
Choosing the right carpet size:
Make sure the rug is at least 6 inches wider than the sofa on both sides.
Measure the floor area of ​​the room. If it is a large area, you can put a large rectangular rug. If there is less space, lay out a smaller rug such as an oval or round rug.
If you want to put a rug under the table, add 120 cm in length and the same in width
In the end, we presented you with pictures of modern carpets so that you can choose what adds an urban character to the house. Modern carpet trends can easily fit into any home design.

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