Comfort food: the eating trend that impacts emotional well-being


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Comfort food is that food that makes you feel nostalgic, with rich flavors that remind you of home. You know that grandma’s recipe that reminds you of the affection for food you received in childhood? They are those dishes that transport you through time and make you feel good.


Emotional food has the ability to influence people’s well-being. The warmth that food brings induces a feeling of being cared for. And they don’t have to be very elaborate dishes, because comfort can be found in simplicity.

Affective food is on the rise. There are many restaurants that invest in this type of food. These recipes impact physical and emotional health. A family recipe may come to mind when trying affective food. It is the food that embraces.

Instead of ordering fast food, many today prefer food that brings comfort, in addition to containing fresh ingredients. The ultra-processed foods give way to homemade food, even if made in a restaurant, but reminiscent of homemade dishes. There are many investments in foods that have these attributes.

And for those who want to enjoy comfort food at home, it is possible to use a brastemp stove 4 burners, for example, to perform several procedures simultaneously. While pasta is being cooked, the sauce is prepared in another pan, and the chicken, to accompany, comes out of the oven.

The interesting thing is to remake recipes at home that remind you of good times of the past. The family soup can be recreated. The ingredients can even change a bit, as long as she remembers the one prepared in the past that made her feel good. The important thing is to have elements that bring warmth.

Food and culture go hand in hand, and set parameters for those who share the same place. Feelings can be similar, both in the microcosm of the family home and on a broader spectrum, such as cities, states and countries. They can even unite people who lived at the same time, when a dish was common, and years later, it can refer to the warmth of times gone by.

The typical dishes of a country can also welcome those who live abroad. Rice and beans are a must for expatriate Brazilians. When they can taste the combination, they feel the warmth of the country of origin. The same happens with people from another country who live in Brazil and can feel embraced by a dish they came from.

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