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Putting the swing on the terrace of the house has recently become a part of the interior decoration of homes, where it can be added in bedrooms, or even as part of the design of living rooms, which would provide an additional seating space. If you plan to add a swing in your home, here is this article that will include a way Homemade swing business.

How to make a home hammock

Here, in the following list, are the easiest ways to make a home hammock using simple materials and using a number of household equipment that must be available in every home.

cloth hammock

Another application of the idea of ​​​​a cloth hammock

We put in your hands the method of making a hammock at home from fabric, so if you are wondering how to make a home hammock suitable for use by children and adults and will give a lively and distinctive touch, especially if you follow one of the ideas of the latest interior decoration trends for homes, here are the tools and steps for making a hammock at home:


1- Drill bit.

2- Sewing machine (or you can use manual sewing).

3- An iron.

4- A ruler.

5- A lighter.

6- Oak stick “Oak is the safest type of wood for weight support.”

7- A heavy fabric that matches the room’s decor. You can visit the fabric market in Dubai to buy the most beautiful.

8- Durable carabiner clip.

9- Hooks, full ring closed, “stainless steel ceiling hanger”.

10-Screws for concrete surfaces

11-2 long rope for freedom of control of the length of the swing


1- Bend the edge of the fabric on both sides and sew it, leaving room for the heavy rope to be inserted.

2- Make two holes in the end of the stick from both sides.

3- From the folds we made, two ends of the thread will come out. Insert one end into one of the holes and make a knot at the end of the thread from the top of the stick and repeat the movement on the other side.

4- Inserting the other thread, which is the longest, as it will extend up and make a knot under the hammock to extend the rest of the thread to fix it on the steel hanger.

5-Tie the two ropes together with a strong knot and place the clip in the loop at the meeting point of the two ropes.

6- Fixing the hook firmly to the ceiling using concrete surface nails.

7- Hanging the hammock through the ring clip with the hook.

wood swing:

The wood swing is ideal in children’s rooms.

How to make a hammock out of wood? Here is the second method of making a swing at home, which is a distinctive addition if you want to implement the ideas of winter decorations, as wood is one of the materials suitable for the winter weather, or you are looking for ideas for a children’s home swing, and this idea is also used extensively on tree branches, and gives a touch Aesthetic of the place, and it is considered the easiest way to make a hammock at home.


1- Oak plank “Oak is the safest type of wood for weight support.”

11-2 ropes of 300 pcs each.

12-2 sturdy carabiners.

13-2 Hooks Full Loop Closed “Stainless Steel Ceiling Hanger”.

14-Screws for concrete surfaces.


1- Make 4 holes in the four sides of the board, taking into account taking measurements between the holes to be parallel.

2- Inserting the ropes on each side as shown in the picture and making a tight knot for the end of the rope from the bottom “that is, there will be 4 knots under the wooden plank”.

3- Measure the length of the plank.

4- Install the two hooks parallel to the ceiling, leaving a distance between them of the same length as the wooden plank.

5- Attach the two ring clips to the end of the two ropes from the top.

6- Connecting the ring clips with the hook.

Home hammock decor tips:

1- The swing should be kept away from any of the furniture, and it should be taken into account to leave enough space.

2- The wooden swing can be upholstered with a fabric that matches the room’s decor, and the same fabric can be used as curtains if it is a detail.

3- If there is a large space in the room, two swings can be placed next to each other, with a high accessory piece in the middle or a number of shelves on the wall.

4- If you want to use the hammock as a seat for sitting, it is necessary to choose the comfortable design of the hammock.

5- If you buy a ready-made swing, the seat fabric can be changed to match the home décor.

With this, we have come to the end of our article, which presented two ideas that fall into the list of how to work

A home swing that suits children and adults and is an exceptional aesthetic addition to the home decor, or within the ideas of children’s bedroom decorations.

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