Easter for dogs and cats can? Learn how to pamper your pet in a healthy way during the date


Natural food can be a way for animals to receive a visit from the bunny without harming their health

Easter coming, and the desire to gift your pet children comes along. After all, if everyone wins, why shouldn’t they be liked? “They deserve it, of course. Pets deserve all the pampering, after all, they are our partners, they are part of the family. But Easter for them cannot be the same Easter for us. Dogs and cats cannot eat chocolate, for example”, explains veterinarian Dr. Luis Fernando de Moraes, consultant for the Organnact, a brand that researches and produces supplementation and natural pet food. Also according to the veterinarian, the problem with chocolate is not – only – the sugar, but the substances present in it. “Chocolate has theobromine and caffeine, for example, which are toxic substances for pets. And the darker the chocolate, the higher the content of these substances, which can lead the dog to vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, tremors and even death”, warns Luis Fernando.

But then, what to offer for pets on special dates, like Easter?

Natural food can be a healthy option that pleases – and a lot – the taste of animals. “Natural food is an alternative to industrialized rations and snacks, the ones we call dry food. In the natural one, we can include foods that are found in the diet of humans and that are allowed in an animal diet, such as meat, some vegetables, some fruits”, explains Luis Fernando. In addition to offering more nutrients, natural food does not offer, for example, preservatives, colorings and artificial flavorings. “However, it is very important to always consult a veterinarian or a zootechnician to offer this type of diet, even in the form of snacks. It is very beneficial for pets, but it must be balanced”, warns the doctor.

And it is not difficult to find natural snacks in pet stores today in Brazil. Chocolate for dogs, dehydrated steak, chips and cookies are some of the options, developed by brands that accompany parents of pets who today want to invest in the health and well-being of their furry children. Organnact, a company that has been in the supplement business for 30 years, recently launched its Kitchen line, which offers natural food. “This is certainly an expanding area. The pet food segment is currently the fastest growing in the sector, and families are increasingly concerned about investing in health for dogs and cats”, says Luis.


In addition to those found on the shelves, you can also bet on homemade recipes. But Dr. Luis Fernando is categorical about the dangers. “Making these recipes that we see on the internet today can be a risk to the health of pets. You always need the guidance of a professional, who can teach natural recipes, but which adapt to the reality of that animal”. The greatest risk is always of intoxication, but there is also the risk of obesity. “Today obesity is proven to be one of the biggest causes for the decrease in pet longevity. Obese dogs or cats can live an average of 30% less than others, so the offer of snacks, even if they are natural, must be accompanied by a veterinarian or zootechnician”, concludes the veterinarian.

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