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Easter Cocoa Vanilla Photo: Karol Moya

For those with dietary restrictions, festive dates are always more challenging to celebrate and with the Easter – with the biggest focus on chocolate eggs, resisting these temptations turns out to be a difficult task. But the time when people with restrictions couldn’t dive into chocolate eggs is long gone, after all Easter is and should be for everyone!

Increasingly, brands and bakeries are betting on recipes that cater to different audiences and restrictions; there are already great options of eggs without gluten, lactose and even sugar in the market. Below, we’ve selected five delicious options that don’t lag behind regular chocolate.

vanilla cocoa

Specializing in vegan sweets and healthy products, the bakery offers different egg options, from the simplest to vegan milk, to versions to eat with a spoon that look like real desserts. Among the stuffed rind options, the Pink Lemonade (R$ 204; 450g), combines white chocolate with coconut milk, filled with Sicilian lemon cream and red fruit jelly, as well as being vegan, sugar-free, and Prestige (R$194; 430g), with a 50% cocoa chocolate shell filled with the traditional homemade coconut cream candy – whoever sees it, doesn’t even suspect that they are all vegan.

Where: orders by www.cacauvanillashop.com.br or WhatsApp (11) 97500-6097.

Cocoa Vanilla Pink Lemonade Egg

Cocoa Vanilla Pink Lemonade Egg Photo: Karol Moya

Chocolate du Jour

The traditional Easter eggs from the renowned brand of fine chocolates are stickers stamped on the rankings of the best easter eggs in the world taste. The versions for those who have restrictions are not far behind in relation to the traditional ones. The Organic Egg (R$ 339; 400g) is made with semi-sweet chocolate, 60% cocoa from the brand’s own farm, does not contain gluten or lactose, and is produced with 100% organic ingredients.

The line is also certified by the non-governmental organization “Veganismo Brasil”. Those who just want to get away from sugar can opt for Ovo Zero (R$380; 500g) made with diet milk chocolate, sweetened with sucrose and fructose naturally present in cocoa.

Where: For sale through the brand’s e-commerce www.chocolatdujour.com.br or at any of the brand’s stores.

Egg Zero Sugar Chocolat du Jour

Egg Zero Sugar Chocolat du Jour Photo: Chocolat Du Jour

Isabela Akkari

The confectionery’s proposal is to offer sweets free of gluten, lactose, refined and artificial preservatives. In addition to vegan, low-carb and zero sugar options – all this without forgetting the taste and neat presentation of the sweets. For Easter, the brand launched a menu full of options that do not let anyone feel like it. Among the orders, Nana’s egg (R$ 218; 495g), inspired by the cake that is the house’s flagship, with half a semi-sweet chocolate shell with interspersed layers of brownie, dulce de leche and cookies – gluten-free, lactose, with coconut sugar only in cookies and sugar-free filling.

Where: R. Comendador Miguel Calfat, 410, Vila Nova Conceição, or via e-commerce www.isabelaakkari.com.br

Egg Nana Isabela Akkari

Egg Nana Isabela Akkari Photo: Isabela Akkari

Cocoa Show

Brand new for this year’s Easter, with 67% cocoa, the Egg Bendito Cacao Dedo de Deus (R$64; 200g) is intense and vegan. In addition to it, the brand also offers the LaCreme egg with milk (R$52; 180g), designed for those who want to consume less sugar, the lactose-free LaCreme egg (R$52; 180g).

Where: Selling on the brand’s e-commerce cocoshow.com.br or at any of the brand’s stores.

LaCreme Cocoa Show Egg

LaCreme Cocoa Show Egg Photo: Cacau Show


In the portfolio for Easter 2022 of the sugar-free food brand, it is possible to find a variety of options for those who have restrictions, all without added sugar, including egg milk stuffed with chocolate mousse, milk, dark, white, cookies ‘n cream and lactose-free milk (R$45; 180g), which uses zero-lactose whole milk powder instead of plant-based milk.

Where: For sale on the brand’s e-commerce www.lineaalimentos.com.br and in large supermarkets.

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