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Gym: With social distancing, it is proving difficult to maintain the physical space where the business operates (Photo: Pexels)

“THE pandemic it changed my way of acting because my work requires physical contact with the patient. So I had to find other ways to keep that contact.” The words are from the physiotherapist Sâmella Lins, who currently also owns a physiotherapy and pilates office located in the city of São Miguel dos Campos. The challenges faced by her, in the midst of the health crisis, are the same challenges faced by professionals and entrepreneurs who work in the market. fitness all over the country.

With the social distancing measures adopted to contain the advance of Covid-19, the physical therapist says that it is being difficult to maintain the physical space where the office works. “The main difficulty is honoring the financial commitments that were signed before the pandemic. I have a physical environment that demands costs. Keeping the clientele active is a secondary difficulty. For this, I am using other means, such as video classes and social networks”, said Sâmella Lins.

In addition to continuing the activities of the office through digital tools, the businesswoman is also investing her free time in professional updating. “I know that when we come back I will have customers with different thoughts and to welcome them in the best way I need to be up to date,” she said.

According to the founder and president of IHRSA Fitness Brasil, Waldyr Soares, the moment demands investments in professional training from the entrepreneur. “Take advantage of the moment to study, improve, update yourself, understanding that the current phase can be a good opportunity to expand the number of customers, since everyone is concerned with seeking more health to better deal with the coronavirus situation”, highlighted.

Luiz Antônio Domingues, elected personal trainer of the year in 2012 by the Brazilian Society of Personal Trainers, says that professionals should also be concerned with career planning and business improvement.

“When I was in physical education college, I made a career plan, which can have many mistakes and many successes, but the most important thing is that the professional understands that he needs to take care of his career so that he can keep himself on the same level. or in better ones from the investment in updates”, he pointed out.

“If you don’t prepare yourself and don’t get it into your head that you’re going to be a distinguished professional, things won’t take off. We need to understand that the personal trainer has a very important role in society because, somehow, he educates people about the importance of physical activity. People see us, today, as a solution for their well-being and for changing habits to have quality of life”, added Domingues.

Personal trainer Janny Alves is also betting on technology to maintain her work routine, but the negative effects of the crisis have considerably reduced the number of clients at the gym where she works.

“We lost a lot of students, but now we have classes broadcast via WhatsApp and Instagram. It was the way we found to keep in touch with them. We are also trying to make them understand that physical exercise, right now, is crucial because it helps us with immunity,” she said.

According to the personal trainer, the strategy used to keep in touch with clients who are no longer at the gym was the availability of free content. “Students who continue to pay tuition have daily training sessions sent through social media, but we also do online classes for those who are following us on social media. The lives we do thinking, mainly, of the people who are not part of the group of students, but can do in the future ”, she explained.

Personal trainer Ederlan da Cunha believes that taking the time to plan the business can make a difference in this time of social distancing and strategy changes. “Certainly, my biggest difficulty is online sales and the moment requires a change of attitude to have quality in the provision of the service. That’s why I’m investing ‘free time’ in planning and training,” he said.

For Luiz Antônio Domingues, rethinking the business and planning strategies that are in tune with market changes are essential postures to grow in the midst of the crisis.

“It’s time to look at what wasn’t being done and get organized to start doing it up front. The professional needs to understand that it is important to invest in strategies that go beyond the habit of sending training, which is very impersonal. He can call the client to see how he is doing, if he is exercising, for example. What is making a difference right now is the way the entrepreneur or professional relates to the client”, stressed the personal trainer.

The Sebrae Business Relationship Manager in Alagoas, Marcos Alencar, highlights that at this time of social isolation due to the Coronavirus, small business entrepreneurs can count on Sebrae. “The entire Sebrae team is mobilized to meet the demands of entrepreneurs, in addition, they can count on our structure of free online courses from the EAD Sebrae portal with more than 100 course options”.

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