Fitness muse Aline Mareto reveals the secret of her defined body


In a hypothetical situation, if they had to list the muses fitness Brazilians, without a doubt, the entrepreneur and digital influencer Aline Mareto would make up the cast. Like many people, she wasn’t a fan of working out until she was proposed and decided to make the bride project fit. The initiative, which was supposed to last until the exchange of alliances, reached stratospheric proportions. Currently, the administrator collects 761 thousand followers on Instagram. Admirers follow every step of the beauty’s healthy routine.

If you are looking for inspiration to adopt a healthy lifestyle for good or daily training suggestions, surely Aline Mareto is a personality that can help you conquer the shape of dreams with balance. In chat with Claudia Meireles column, the 29-year-old muse detailed her fitness path step by step and confessed her main tactic to get a well-defined body. Check out the secrets of good shape influencer!


Aline’s first contact with physical activity occurred in childhood. “I was a very active child, who liked to play sports”, recalls the muse fitness born and raised in Vitória, Espírito Santo. With the rush of college and internship, she chose to take a break from her exercise routine. At the time, the administration student was faced with the dilemma of not being able to reconcile the various tasks in 24 hours. By leaving home early and only returning at night, she preferred to rest in her free time.

Aline adopted a healthy lifestyle after being proposed

If you thought about staying away from the practice of physical exercises, fate tried to bring Aline back to the training routine. The entrepreneur’s break lasted until her then-boyfriend, Felipe Zucchi, asked her to marry him. “My bride project came and I wanted to get into the dress, right?”, she said, laughing. As she wanted to wear a mermaid dress, tight in the hips, she returned with full gas to bodybuilding classes and changed her diet.

“That’s when it made all the difference,” says the muse. fitness. She remembers that when she changed her eating habits, she really managed to be healthy. The feat took place in 2015. According to Aline, having a positive lifestyle goes beyond just breaking a sweat with physical activities: “Another beneficial habit is having a good night’s sleep in order to make the other days more productive. Take some time for me. Doing yoga, meditation and reading a book also help me a lot.”



The muse’s training routine bears the signature of the instructors of the AM Teamapplication fitness released by Aline. She usually works out for 30 minutes to an hour a day, with a rest once a week. Of the exercises performed, weight training conquered the heart and is one of those responsible for the shape Entrepreneur’s swag. “I know the benefits of the modality for my body”, she attests. Another passion of hers accounts for running.

Aline Mareto
Aline’s first contact with physical activity occurred in childhood
Aline Mareto
the muse fitness is a fan of yoga and meditation

“What will sustain my body in the future is lean mass. It’s not just about looking at the present, but also at the future. I know I need to do weight training to have that lean mass. I also really like to run and I’m coming back now”, he says. Aline Mareto. The entrepreneur runs a fitness clothing label, BMOOD. Asked about the exercise made her get a sculpted physique, the influencer capixaba argues:

“The secret is in food and consistency. [de atividade física]. There is no exercise that helps to get well defined. What will make you drier is the balanced diet and strength training combo”, defends the muse. fitness of 29 years. To procrastinators, Aline leaves the warning: “The post-workout endorphin is priceless. I know that when I go to train, I will never regret having gone. The feeling is unique, because I take care of myself, my health and I feel much better after training”.

Aline Mareto
Aline’s Transformation

In terms of diet, Aline had follow-up with a professional at the beginning of life fitness. However, after a period and delving into the subject, she claims to know which are the best foods for each objective. “I always follow a healthy diet and as natural as possible”, he guarantees. The administrator has already wanted to study nutrition and is in future plans. Daily, the muse consumes fruits, vegetables and proteins.

They also include the meals of the influencer foods with good fats and fiber, for example, oats. “I’m super in favor of balance, those who accompany me know that sometimes I have my exits. What I don’t have in my routine and I try to reduce as much as possible is the consumption of sugar, pasta and fried foods”. Aline reduced food plan ingredients and dishes for harming health.

Aline Mareto
On the homonymous website, the influencer share healthy recipes

According to the influencer, it’s no use starting the exercises “already 80”, working out for two hours daily and following a super-restrictive diet. Attitudes will lead the adept to give up in the first month. “Constancy and balance are key. For example, if you can only train for 30 minutes and you will continue to practice, always do half an hour”, recommends Aline, who stopped being sedentary in 2015.


With more than 700 thousand admirers on Instagram, Aline usually helps them to seek a healthy life without harming the body. In the evaluation of capixaba, the biggest mistake fitness committed by the followers is in looking for something outlandish. “They can’t have moderation by putting into practice radical habits. That way, it becomes unsustainable to maintain and they end up giving up. I always insist on the constancy of having a balanced healthy life, because everything that is too restrictive brings damage in the long term”.

Reflecting on the past, Aline Mareto I had no idea that it would impact so many people today. “It sounds like a cliché”, she analyzes. “I never thought that sharing my day to day and life change could encourage thousands of individuals. You feedbacks surprise me. They send how I actually help in this change of habits by telling my experience. It really impresses me to know that I can positively transform the lives of many women”, reveals the entrepreneur.

Aline Mareto
Aline Mareto got the body of her dreams due to the constancy of the physical exercises. “Don’t give up”, stresses the muse

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