From the stories of wars, Professor Yunus Al-Hadidi and the generosity of the martyrs by the writer / Ibrahim Al-Mahjoub


A story from the Iraqi reality that I wrote in two parts ((Part One))
Mr. Younis Mahmoud Al-Jado’ grew up in a peasant family belonging to the tribe of the Iron Masters and he was raised in it and continued his studies until he completed the Teachers College at the time, which is now called the College of Basic Education and graduated from it and was appointed as a teacher in one of the primary schools in a remote village in Nineveh Governorate. Mr. Younis’ family consists of Several individuals, six sons and six daughters, brought together by brothers and linked by strong family ties. Professor Yunus had one of his brothers who consulted with him in every small and large matter, his name was Muhammad, but the wars kept the brother away from his brother and the son from his mother and father.. and kept men away from their women and their families…
Mr. Younis practiced, due to the difficult conditions that the country is going through, a secondary job in the shop selling vegetables and fruits. He has built extensive relationships with people and merchants through his work and because he is a person who knows the fear of God and holds high morals and does not interfere in the affairs of others, not from far or near.. A return to the war and its tragedy and its dire consequences that It entered all Iraqi homes, and perhaps sometimes it led to the rupture of the social fabric of some families. While Mr. Younis was going to his second job in the pension market, which was in the old industrial area, and because he supported several families, because most of his brothers were in the military, and one day in the morning he received the news of a very strong catastrophe. The Iraqi army withdrew from Kuwait. A soldier from his acquaintances, who lives in one of the areas of the city of Mosul called Al-Zanjili locality, came to him and informed him of the martyrdom of his brother Muhammad. From the intensity of the shock, he felt a strong dizziness in his body. He sat on the ground, not knowing what to do, and wished that the news was false, but the soldier who told him handed him a certificate Death and told him that you should go to Basra Governorate and bring the body of your martyr brother because he could not bring it with him to block roads and the aerial bombardment that all military units are exposed to and the chaos accompanying them full there…
Here is the recollection of the image of his brother, the martyr Muhammad, and the memories began before him since they lived their childhood until this moment… He mumbles to himself in disbelief when he heard or read it in the death certificate.. He asks himself why did you leave us, my dear brother, when you were in the prime of your youth.. What do I say to my mother and father and with what? He will meet them when they hear this tragic news.. Without hesitation, he made his decision, without the knowledge of his parents, to go to Basra alone to search for his brother’s body. He informed his parents and the people of his house that he would go to Baghdad in order to bring the pension from there and sell it in the city of Mosul, but his father rejected the idea. Persistently, he was able to convince him to do so…He went to Basra Governorate, and the conditions were very difficult, as there were no cars directly, but it was necessary
That the travel be in several stages, despite the danger of the road and the continuous air bombardment, but he arrived in Basra governorate, where he slept his first night, and since the early morning he asked where to find the gathering area of ​​the martyrs. He pleaded with people to help him and reach his brother’s body. When he reached the mentioned area, he reached the center and gave them the death certificate. After they checked it, one of the center’s employees said to him, “Follow me.” The outdoors were inside boxes, so he searched for his brother’s body
He shivered all over his body due to the horror of the situation, and his strangeness was the presence of stray dogs there, as if they were waiting for the opportunity to pounce on these pure corpses. And he kept repeating in a low voice with himself. Except the curse of God be upon wars and those who make them. In the meantime, he found his brother’s corpse and it was very rotten, but he knew it from its features and the signs in it and the military uniform that he was wearing because he was very proud and he did not die and go on the path of the martyrs unless he wore it. Those who joined the center came with an Iraqi flag and it was placed on the box, so Mr. Younis went outside the center and fetched perfume and put it on the body to perfume it with it… The guards told him to go to get a car in which he would transport his brother’s body and here he faced another problem.. So he got up and returned to the city of Basra and was looking at Artal The army withdrawn from Kuwait and while it is on the way, and he sees the situation as if it is one of the horrors of the Day of Resurrection, sometimes he climbs a car and sometimes he walks in one of the residential areas called Al-Hayaniya area. Everyone finds them running to find a safe haven, so they take refuge in one of the walls of the houses. And here the divine will enters, and that God always stands with the believer in his ordeal. During this difficult time, a car with the number Nineveh of the Mitsubishi type stopped near him and without feeling. In a spontaneous moment, he approached the owner of the car and told them the number of your Nineveh car. He replied, “Yes.” He asked him where he lives in the city of Mosul, and came to him The answer is I am from the Sheikhan district, and since most of the relatives of Professor Yunus live in the villages affiliated with this district, he asked him: Are you from the Hadideen clan? He replied yes, but how did you know…

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