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Do you want to expand your children’s vocabulary? In this article, we will provide you with the best written children’s stories with a purpose and a lesson that can be used in life.

there is a lot of Children’s bedtime stories that are meaningful and fun, here are some of them:

A loyal friend’s story: [1]

It is said that there were two friends walking in the middle of the desert, and while the two friends were walking, a big quarrel occurred between them, and one of them slapped the other in the face. The friend who was slapped was deeply saddened by what his friend had done to him, and then he wrote in the sand: “Today my best friend slapped me in the face.”

The two friends completed their walk in the desert until they found a large oasis in front of them, and then the two friends decided to take a bath in the waters of this oasis to escape the scorching heat of the sun..

After that, the friend who nearly drowned on a rock wrote: “Today my best friend saved my life.” When his friend asked him why the first sentence was written on the sand and the second sentence on the rock, his friend replied, “When we are hurt by someone we love, we have to write his abuse in the sand until you erase it.” The wind, and whoever does us a favor, we must dig it in the rock so that we will never forget it.”

The story of the seller and the donkey: [1]

There was a donkey whose owner relied on to transport salt to the market in order for the donkey owner to sell it and earn money, and although the man was taking good care of the donkey, feeding it and caring for it to do his job, the donkey was of the lazy type. One day, something happened that no one expected.

While the donkey was carrying bags of salt on top of him, he fell into the river during his crossing so that the salt dissolved in the water and the load became very light. Of course, the donkey was very happy with that, but the man was sad because he lost a lot of bags of salt, and the man had to return again to the house because the salt that remained With him intact was a little.

And because the donkey was impressed by the idea of ​​​​reducing the weight of the bags of salt, he repeated it again, but on purpose so that the load became light. When the man discovered this, he decided to teach the deceived donkey a lesson he would not forget. The man replaced the salt with cotton, and when the donkey fell into the river, he found that the load had become very heavy, so the donkey learned the lesson that the rope of deception and lying is short!

Parents are looking for the most beautiful written children’s stories with a lesson and a purpose that their children will benefit from in their lives. Here is the meaningful story:

The story of the good and old man: [2]

There was a man in his thirties who lived in a village, married and had 3 children. He was very poor, but he had a big heart that could fit everyone.

He used to thank God for good times and bad, and he used to go out to seek his livelihood every day, as he did not own a house or land, nor anything except for his daily work, and every day his work varied according to what others asked of him. He was living a happy life, for he was obeying God Almighty and doing good to all people, and only one thing disturbed the peace of his life, namely his wife, who was constantly complaining about the narrow situation.

One day, after the husband finished his work, he went to the market to buy what his children and his wife needed. While he was on his way back, he found an old woman who had run into a tree on the road and fell to the ground screaming in pain. The husband ran towards her to help her.

Husband: “Are you okay?” The old lady replied, “I’m fine, son. Don’t worry about that, but my feet hurt and I can’t move at all.”“.

Husband: “Don’t worry, aunty.” So the husband carried her, took her to the doctor who treated her, and the man paid him all the money that he had with a satisfied and reassuring soul..

The husband took the old woman to her house, and she said to him: “Son, I do not have what I can reward you with for your good deed with me, but I will pray to God to reward you with his good management. over all matters of this world and the hereafter.”

The husband went from her with a reassuring heart and a happy chest, Hamid God for his blessings, as he chose him without others to help the weak old man, but when he mentioned his wife, he became anxious for fear of her constant grumbling. He had no money to buy any food with, and it was too late.

The husband told his wife what happened to him about the old man’s story, knowing that he was sure of his wife’s behavior and reaction to his talk, but he completed, and what he was sure of had happened, the wife cried: “Why are you late until now, and you didn’t bring us any food with you either? What do I feed the hungry children now?” He said to her: “We have bread, feed it to them until they are full, but you and I will be patient with hunger.”

The wife was angry all night about her husband’s action, as for the husband, he had a good opinion of what would come to him from his great bounty..

And he went out as usual, but he did not find a job, he did not despair and did not grieve, so he prayed to God to grant him a livelihood so that he could provide food for his young, and if a man was looking for him in the entire town. He learned of his piety and piety and wanted to rent him on his farm and give him in return a monthly salary in addition to a percentage of the annual crop..

The husband became very happy with the measures taken by God Almighty, and finally his wife stopped complaining after he was able to provide her with more than she asked for.

pretty face girl [3]

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who was so modest that she became famous throughout the region. She refused all her suitors because she was waiting for a handsome prince to come to ask for her hand. It didn’t take long for the handsome prince to see her, fall in love with her, and shower her with compliments and gifts. He married her and held an extravagant wedding party for her, in which everyone rejoiced.

Soon, the young princess found out that her handsome young husband was not as beautiful as she had expected. He behaved like a tyrant toward his people, bragged about his wife as a hunting trophy, and was selfish and mean. When she saw all this, she did not hesitate to tell him this about his self-correction, but he answered her harshly, reminding her that he had chosen her only for her beauty, and that she could have chosen many others, had it not been for the ambition and her desire to live in a palace.

The princess cried for days, seeing the truth in her husband’s harsh words. She remembered all the good and honest young men whom she had rejected just so that she could become a princess. The princess tried to leave the palace, but the prince wouldn’t let her as everyone spoke of his wife’s extraordinary beauty, and this only added to the prince’s reputation as an exceptional man. The princess made several attempts to escape which resulted in her being locked inside the room, and the guards were constantly watching her.

One of these guards felt pity for the princess, and tried to encourage her, offer some company, and communicate with her. Over time they became good friends, they became so trusting of each other that one day the princess asked the guard to let her escape. But the soldier, who owes allegiance and obedience to his king, did not agree to the princess’s plea. But he answered her: If you want to escape from here, I know the proper way, but it will require a great sacrifice on your part.

She agreed and confirmed her willingness to do anything, so the soldier continued: “The Prince only wants you for your beauty. If you disfigure your face, he will send you away from the palace so that no one will see you, and will erase any trace of your existence.”

The princess replied,: “Am I distorting myself and my beauty? And where would I go? What would happen to me if my beauty was all I had? Who would want to have anything to do with an ugly and useless woman like me?”

The soldier replied, “To me, you are more beautiful on the inside than on the outside.”

And at that moment the princess realized that she, too, loved that simple and honest soldier. With tears in her eyes she took hold of her guard’s hand, and his dagger in their hands, they made two long and deep cuts in her face..

When the prince saw the face of his wife, everything happened as the guard expected. The prince sent her as far away as he could, and composed a tragic story about her death which made him even more famous among the people. Thus, a girl with a pretty face can finally be happy together with that simple and loyal soldier.

Here are the most beautiful stories for children, boys, with a purpose and a lesson:

tree needles: [4]

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who lived at the edge of the forest. The older brother was always unkind to his younger brother as he ate all the delicious food and wore all the good clothes. The older brother used to go to the forest in search of firewood to sell in the market. While he was walking in the forest, he cut the branches of every tree, until he found a magical tree.

The tree stopped him before he cut off its branches and said, “Oh, my gentle lord, please keep my branches. If you leave me, I’ll give you golden apples.”. Big Brother agreed, but was disappointed by the number of apples the tree gave him. The brother threatened to cut down the whole tree if you did not provide him with more apples. But instead of giving him more apples, the tree showered him with hundreds of tiny needles. The brother fell to the ground crying in pain.

Soon the younger brother got worried and went to look for his older brother. He searched until he found him at the tree trunk, lying in pain with hundreds of needles on his body. He rushed over to him and began to painstakingly remove each needle with love. The older brother apologized for treating his younger brother badly after helping and saving him. The magic tree witnessed the change in Big Brother’s heart and gave them all the golden apples they could need.

Children should be given Arabic stories written in tashkeel in order to practice reading correctly:

The story of the lion and the mouse:

A mouse walked on the body of a sleeping lion, so it woke up in anger and caught the mouse to kill it. So the mouse cried and said to the lion: Leave me, for it may benefit you one day. He forgave him and left him. And one day the lion fell into a trap, and the mouse heard its roar, and it came to it hurriedly, and began to bite its bite. The lion escaped and thanked the mouse for its work.

Beautiful Feathers Story:

The peacock looked at its feathers and shouted: “I am the most beautiful of animals, and all the birds should give me food to feed you.” “This pill gave you a beautiful feather,” said the peacock carrying a bead.

The peacock walked to the fox, and he said to him: “Give me wheat, I will give you all my feathers.” The fox responded to the peacock’s request, then plucked its feathers, and the peacock trembled. Then the fox said, “My warm stomach welcomes you.”

There is a large selection of Written stories for children Online to teach them life lessons the way that suits them. Ethical lessons from Written children’s stories It also helps in shaping and strengthening their character and moral compass as they age.

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