“Higher Education”: Registering with the “Knowledge” platform to empower in modern technologies


The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation is making great efforts in order to enable modern technologies in an innovative and thoughtful manner for various segments of society, especially young graduates from various higher education institutions, and groups of job seekers who are helped by these technologies in enhancing their interest in the fields of information systems and their application in their emerging institutions or their small and medium companies.

Ali bin Abdullah Al Maskari, Director of the Research and Innovative Capacity Building Department at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, confirmed to “Oman” that the Knowledge Platform Program of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Communication Technologies and the Internet of Things at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation is one of the accelerators of knowledge dissemination and enablers of capacity building among members of society. In general, it is available to all interested groups of society, including individuals, students, researchers, innovators, academics, employees, entrepreneurs, job seekers and others who wish to benefit from various modern technical developments, and various developments in various fields of information technology, as well as segments wishing to refine and update their technical skills on the The hand of experts and specialists in a scientific and fast way, by registering and participating in more than 15 training tracks in the Knowledge Platform program, which includes a set of lessons and practical applications in the various areas of the platform.

He pointed out that the Knowledge Platform comes as one of the specialized technical programs supervised by the Center of Excellence for Advanced Communications Technologies and the Internet of Things located in the Muscat Innovation Complex. The program was established in a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, the Muscat Innovation Complex, and the Ministry of Finance “Offset Program”. the Swedish Ericsson and the Omani Telecommunications Company “Omantel” to provide a stimulating environment for qualifying Omani cadres and providing them with skills to deal with the applications of the fourth industrial revolution and the fifth generation networks; To keep pace with the rapid development witnessed by the world around us in digital technology, and for this, the Center, in cooperation with partners, has attracted the famous global knowledge platform (pluralsight), where the participant will receive by default an important package of programs, lessons and advanced courses by a group of experts and specialists from the first knowledge and know-how. And those who work for the largest international technology companies, in an interesting scientific manner that includes the latest information in this important field, on which the various countries of the world depend to catch up with the fourth industrial revolution and enter the world of knowledge economy, as well as to keep pace with the most prominent developments in the field of future skills and technical automation modern.

He explained that the platform includes virtual training courses, educational materials related to digital transformation, software development and information technology in the distance learning system, and includes all segments of society of both sexes from the age of 16 years and above, as well as those interested and workers in technical fields who wish to seize the opportunity and benefit, as well as Enrollment in the platform’s courses is free, and by default suits everyone, and does not require paying any registration or subscription fees, and the participant will receive a certificate of participation at the conclusion of each program.

In his speech, Al Maskari touched on the tools of the Knowledge Platform, saying: The Knowledge Platform provides a tool for assessing the capabilities of the person participating in the program, which is called (Skill iQ), which allows him to know his technical level and determine the experiences he possesses, as well as the ability to know the extent of his knowledge, in terms of whether It is at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level, by answering a set of technical questions related to the program, and this allows the person to start at the appropriate level for him, knowing his specific level, and some of the programs available for this tool, which are on the platform are a web developer, and an application developer Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, and Data Analyst (Python).

He stressed that the platform seeks to attract those who are passionate about the fields of information technology, experts and specialists along with students, and include the following areas, which are Microsoft Office, the basics of developing technical equipment, the basics of programming, information technology skills, agile project management, networking basics, IP protocols, information security, and the Internet of things. IoT development, IoT security, learning Python, basics of game development, basic design, basics of customer service and operations, digital tools, virtual meetings, networking and security basics, network support, Office support, and others.

Regarding the method of registering in the program, Al Maskari explained: The method of registration and participation is through the person wishing to join the platform’s programs to register according to the following method, which is to enter the website of the Center of Excellence “https://coe.ipm.om/DigitalLab” and then select the box The digital skills program, then choosing the knowledge platform program, then filling out the form and choosing one of the paths. The competent team in the ministry will grant licenses to the registrants who meet the conditions, and the registrants will be provided with an email to activate the account, and start the educational path.

He pointed out that the opportunity is still available for everyone to participate in this important platform, in terms of enriching the available information, learning about new experiences and benefiting from different experiences, which is a valuable opportunity for everyone to communicate directly with experts and professionals in their fields of passion to develop Omani technical creativity to new and advanced stages. Keep pace with the successive developments in various fields.

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