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Investing in fitness lunchboxes to sell can be a great business opportunity. With the rush of everyday life, many workers are looking for ready meals, as they don’t have time to cook at home. Practicality, however, is no excuse for giving up healthy meals.

But it’s not enough to prepare salad in the pot and go door-to-door selling. As in any enterprise, it is necessary to plan the production and sale of healthy food products. This measure guarantees the financial return and prosperity of the brand.

In addition to being a lifestyle, fitness lunchboxes also represent an opportunity to earn money. According to data from the Ministry of Economy, the number of entrepreneurs in the food industry for home consumption grew 130% in the last five years.

While one group of consumers is looking for fresh, ready-to-eat lunchboxes, another group is interested in frozen lunchboxes capable of meeting specific dietary needs.

How to prepare fitness lunch box to sell

The popular hot meals are ready meals that come packed in thermal packs. The customer can go to the company’s headquarters and deliver an empty lunch box, so that it returns full moments later. Another option is disposable marmitex, usually made of aluminum.

Whether you have a fixed address for public service or a delivery service, it is important to take some care. Check out the main ones:

1 – Study about this type of business

The fitness lunch box is a type of product that is successful among people looking for a healthy lifestyle. To increase your chances of succeeding with the business, it is very important to know the market and be inspired by companies that already operate in the segment. In addition, it is also worth investing in a qualification.

The fitness lunchbox course, online or in person, usually addresses the techniques of menu definition, organizing the purchase of ingredients and step-by-step assembly of the lunchboxes. Another source of learning for those who will start in the lunch box segment is the Youtube.

two – Know the audience’s needs

There are different fitness menus. There are low-calorie dishes, aimed at people who want to lose weight. Other diets contain more protein and low glycemic carbohydrates, as the followers’ goal is to gain muscle mass.

Before defining what your company’s profile will be, it is important to analyze who the target audience will be. Go to neighborhood gyms. Talk to students and instructors. Try to identify the lifestyle and type of diet adopted by these people to know which products will have the most output.

3 – Gather money to invest

After studying this business model well, you need to save money to prepare the first recipes for fitness lunchboxes. The initial investment for the purchase of ingredients is around R$5 thousand.

For entrepreneurs who are starting out, the tip is to take advantage of promotions in supermarkets to buy ingredients. Then, based on that, the menu for the week can be defined.

4 – Build an attractive fitness lunch menu

Making frozen fitness lunches to sell goes beyond just healthy food. It is necessary to research new recipes to offer attractive options.

The secret lies in uniting nutritional value, appearance and taste. Culinarists are unanimous in saying that we eat not only with our mouth, but also with our eyes and nose. Meals should be pleasurable to all the body’s senses.

If you don’t have training in the area, hire a nutritionist to work out the ideal combinations of ingredients.

See, below, some combinations for fit lunch box:

  • Mincemeat, roasted sweet potato, green beans and mushrooms;
  • Thigh with chickpeas, pepper mix and brown rice
  • Sweet potato stew with chicken filling;
  • Ground beef, manioc puree and broccoli;
  • Pot roast and mixed vegetables;
  • Filet mignon with braised cabbage and baroa puree;
  • Chicken with okra and brown rice;
  • Shredded chicken with leek, mixed vegetables and brown rice;
  • Role steak, brown rice and sautéed tomato;
  • Salmon with rice and broccoli;
  • Fish fillet, brown rice and white sauce;
  • Chicken cubes with mustard sauce and mixed vegetables;

When designing your menu, you can work with different product categories: lunchboxes with carbs, low carbs, vegans, broths and detox juices, for example. Another tip is to sell meal packages, with weekly or monthly kits.

5 – Take care of the packaging

Be careful to choose resistant packaging that can be used in the microwave. Another important detail is to include labels with information about each product (weight, composition and expiration date).

6 – Organize the delivery schedule

See what works for your target audience. If you live in an area with easy access, you may be able to produce the warm ones at home and sell them right there. If your customers are unable to move, they are likely to prefer a delivery or delivery service.

Each of these modalities requires a different production scheme. You should think about hiring a team, buying or renting a vehicle that includes the marmitex, the departure times and the route that the delivery person will make every day. Also include in the calculation the period of food preparation itself.

7 – Regularize the enterprise

Any business can start small. You can take care of the production and delivery of orders yourself. However, as amateur and initial as the service is, regulation is an important step.

In addition to recognizing a firm and opening a company in Organs competent bodies of your municipality, pay attention to the requirements of the Health Surveillance. Food must be prepared in clean environments and stored in a suitable place, such as an industrial freezer.

8 – Use technology to your advantage

The sale of lunchboxes is a market that can make good use of social networks, especially Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. These channels serve to publicize the menu and receive orders. Being present in delivery apps is also an option that should be considered.

So: do you want to face the challenge of making a fitness lunch box to sell? Access the website of Sebrae and learn more about it! And don’t forget to comment what you think of our tips.

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