Jameel Arts offers a range of Ramadan activities and experiences


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As part of its Museum of Contemporary Art experience in Dubai, Jameel Arts Center is organizing a special program for Ramadan Nights, with the two major new solo exhibitions “Taos Makhacheva: A Space for Celebration” and “Fahd Barki: Daydreams” and the ongoing exhibition “Artists’ Rooms: Samson Young, and researcher Salma Sirry showcased archival photographs of menus and explanations focusing on food and food as a focal point in Library Circles: Salma Sirry, as well as artist film screenings, children’s workshops, and much more.

Ramadan nights

This year’s annual celebration of Ramadan Nights returns to Jameel Arts Center on Saturday (April 16), from 9pm until midnight.

Programs include workshops at Creative Stations for adults and children led by local art practitioners, as well as board games, henna designs, storytelling sessions at Jameel Library, and an Evening of Reading, which honors researchers, writers and artists who have left their mark on our interaction with the world.


The exhibition “Daydreams”, the first investigative exhibition by Fahd Barki, continues until October 9, in which the artist collects his works that spanned over the past fifteen years of his artistic practice.

“Space for Celebration”

“Taos Makhacheva: A Space for Celebration” runs until August 14, and brings together the first exhibition of Taos Makhacheva in West Asia, a crucible of artworks created by the artist over the past 13 years, including a new commission for the site.

Makhacheva retells and recreates complex stories across an array of characters and objects, including her alternate character, Super Taos.

In Makhacheva’s work, facts are mixed with myth and fantasy, which shakes up the notion of authenticity and gives way to imagination. It also creates layers in which delightful tales go hand in hand with the strange and the unexpected.

The “Artists’ Rooms: Samson Young” event will continue until May 7, where artist Samson Young will present in the Artists’ Room a field artwork called “Reasonable Music”, which is an interactive environment.

technical assignments

In this context, “Library Circles: Salma Serry” will continue until August 1, where Jameel Library, in its modern version of the Library Circles initiative, presents the research of writer in the field of food and director Salma Serry, which she has developed over the past years and explores the regional food regulations that are at its core. A meeting point where history, knowledge, politics, economics and the senses intertwine with each other.

garden projects

In addition, the inaugural garden projects invite artists to produce works in the context of the Jaddaf Waterfront Art Park, where the works inhabit the outdoors in different styles, and pose questions that explore notions of community, nature and the concept of the artistic commission itself.

Since October 2021, artist and educator Nahla Al-Tabbaa has used the outdoor spaces of the Jameel Arts Center as experimental sites, creating after looking at organic ecosystems and their intertwining in food production networks “Shamsa”, a series of temporal interventions that use textiles and organic materials to monitor the passage of time through effect of the sun on it. Hong Kong artist Trevor Young uses botanical ecology, horticulture and art installations in his Volcanic Universe to use the Jameel Arts Center’s outdoor car park.

installation work

At the request of the public, Hassan Khan’s large, multilingual musical artwork at Jaddaf Waterfront Art Park is still on display for the third year. Designed to be experienced through space travel, the work is an artistic installation of multiple spoken narrative channels. The work unfolds through three simultaneous movements, and was specially composed by the artist for a public garden. At the heart of every musical movement is a text written by Khan and heard in three languages, Arabic, Urdu and English.

In the same context, the Jameel Arts Center commissioned artist Namrata Nyog and Sonoj D to complete the work “Desert is the Forest,” which explores the intertwined relationship between humans, animals and plants within the nature of the United Arab Emirates.


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