Moderna launches trials of influenza vaccine with mRNA technology used to vaccinate corona


Moderna launches clinical trials of influenza vaccines using technology mRNA The spread of Corona vaccines, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The newspaper said, that a US-based company will give a single dose of the vaccines to 560 people, then the participants will be monitored for side effects and immune reactions, explaining that the vaccines mRNA It is the second and third against influenza to enter clinical trials.

Yesterday, Monday, Moderna began clinical trials of a flu vaccine that uses the same messenger RNA technology used in Corona vaccines. The Massachusetts-based company said that one dose will be given to 560 participants..

They will then be monitored for side effects and an immune response against seasonal risk. In Phase I and II trials, the vaccines, dubbed mRNA-1020 And mRNA-1030 – To target many strains of influenza, including the type H1N1 known to cause epidemics, the second and third influenza vaccines based on mRNA of Moderna to enter clinical trials, and the only ones to target two types of spike protein, which the virus uses to invade cells.

The newspaper referred to the vaccines called mRNA-1020 And mRNA-1030 – It is the only one of two types of prickly proteins, which the virus uses to invade cells. Others are targeting just one, stressing that vaccine manufacturers are racing to develop a flu vaccine based on mRNA After the technology was successfully deployed in the Corona vaccine.

She explained, that current influenza vaccines that use weakened or inactivated pathogens are only 40 to 60 percent effective against infection with the virus, but scientists hope that vaccines that rely on messenger RNA, which leads to an immune response by stimulating cells to manufacture influenza proteins, It can provide greater protection.

They say the vaccines have fewer errors in their code because they are made in a lab and not in eggs like current vaccines, which may improve protection, the newspaper said.

What is the extent of influenza causing deaths?

The number of people who die from influenza varies from year to year, with influenza divided into different strains, influenza is generally more deadly, especially for the elderly and young children, while influenza B outbreaks generally lead to fewer deaths.

The newspaper said, the number of people who actually die from the flu each year in the UK is complicated by deaths from influenza and pneumonia which are often recorded together. It is estimated that the flu will kill 30,000 people in the UK in the bad season. It is estimated that influenza in the United States kills between 12,000 and 52,000 people annually.Globally, the annual death toll is estimated to be between 290,000 and 650,000 ..

And the newspaper pointed out, that it is also possible to develop vaccines that use technology mRNA Later than standard annual vaccinations.

Traditionally, manufacturers start making annual influenza vaccines for the upcoming winter in February, when the World Health Organization publishes its estimates for the dominant strain in the season, but because vaccines based on FUT technology can be modified. mRNA Easily, some scientists say that using this technique can be manufactured as late as May.

Moderna did not say which countries the grafts will be tested in in phase I and II clinical trials.

They target spike proteins made from hemagglutinin, a type of prickly protein that the virus uses to invade cells.

But unlike other vaccines, it will also target neuraminidase – which the virus uses to liberate itself from a host cell in order to invade another..

Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel said the company is “delighted” to start using the technology mRNA In influenza vaccines.

“We believe that by targeting ‘influenza proteins’, we can achieve broader immunity and a higher vaccine efficacy against circulating influenza strains compared to conventional influenza vaccines,” he said in a statement. With the prevailing circulating influenza strain.”

Other companies, including Pfizer, are also operating, the newspaper said Pfizer Sanofi Sanofi Technology-based influenza vaccines mRNAWhere did the Pfizer vaccine enter?Pfizer In the first phase trials in September of last year, the results have not yet been released, while Sanofi is moving on Sanofi To Phase 3 Experiments.

And data from phase 1/2 trials showed that the vaccine elicited influenza-fighting antibodies after two injections, safety concerns were not reported, the newspaper said..

And the newspaper pointed out, that Corona led to a revolution in the production of vaccines, after countries invested heavily in technology along with traditional methods..

And she said, more than 9 out of 10 vaccines for the Corona virus that were produced in the United States used the technologymRNA or 545 million doses, indicating that influenza kills up to 650,000 people each year worldwide and up to 5 million serious cases needing hospital care..

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