Papo de Fogão Raiz ends season on Youtube and prepares book on traditional Christmas cuisine


The program Papo de Fogão Raiz visited fairs, pubs and markets to present the typical cuisine of cooks who bring their recipes from family memory. Season ends on April 10, presenting the recipe for the mocotó broth served at fairs and the shrimp bowl from a bar in Beco da Lama

After a season bringing almost disappeared recipes, folk characters and stories told by the stove, the program Papo de Fogão Raiz – Feiras, Mercados e Ruas says goodbye to the first season on April 10, through the YouTube channel. The project, presented by Fernando Amaral, mapped the traditional Christmas cuisine from August 2021 to April 2022.

The last episode introduces the public to the cook Cilene Silva, who works in several Christmas fairs preparing delicious food. She will cook her specialties: mocotó broth and a beef stew. Another chef with his hands full and famous for the dishes at Buteco no Beco, will prepare a shrimp in the glass. The program will be available on Youtube of the program Papo de Fogão and on open TV in Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Alagoas and Maranhão.

“The first season was very satisfying. We show that in many places in the alleys, bars, fairs and markets we can also taste good gastronomy. Food from scratch prepared by simple people who have a huge charisma”, comments presenter Fernando Amaral.

The Papo de Fogão Raiz project does not end with the programs that are available on Youtube. Soon, all the recipes are being compiled into a book that should be published in mid-May 2022. The 80-page color book is being finalized and will feature all the recipes prepared this season, bringing some of the history of the sites and their participants.

There were ten episodes making the unprecedented record of popular recipes recorded in the places of origin and prepared by their creators: Bar and Restaurant da Neide, Bar do Zé Reeira, Butecos Bar, Bardallos, Bar do Pernambuco, Dona Francisca and Dona Cileide at Feira do Alecrim , Borogodó Bar and Bar do Pedrinho, among others. Recipes range from Chambaril, lamb, country chicken, Ginga com tapioca, baião do mar, shrimp, fried roe and much more. The register brings rich and colorful sceneries of Mercado da Seis, Mercado das Quintas, Mercado do Peixe, Mercado de Petrópolis and the Alecrim, Quintas, São José and Rocas fairs, in addition to the Historic Center, where the traditional Beco da Lama is located.

According to the presenter, the second season of Papo de Fogão Raiz will also premiere in 2022. “In this next stage we will extend our research a little further and show, in addition to the markets, bars in the alleys and fairs, presented in the first season, we will explore other regions of the city, showing once again the traditional gastronomy prepared with a lot of love, affection and flavor”.

“Papo de Fogão Raiz – Fairs, Markets and Streets” is sponsored by the Natal City Hall through the Djalma Maranhão Program, Unimed Natal and DNA Center.

episode 10
Day 10.04
Band Nordeste Alagoas (10h), Maranhão (11h)
TV Correio Paraíba (1:30 pm)

Day 11.04
Record/Tropical TV – Rio Grande do Norte (10h)

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