Rogina: I met the owners of the true stories of the series “Deviation” and I will not repeat the mistakes of “Bint Al Sultan” | news


Rogina is participating in this year’s dramatic race in the series “Deviation”, in which he embodies the character of “Horr”, the psychiatrist.

The work belongs to the psychological drama, and Rogina embodies a complex character and plays a role different from the roles she played in the previous works. contacted Rogina to talk with her about the scenes of preparing for the character and the difficulties she faced, and here are her most prominent statements

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– I did not think about the absolute championship, but I am thinking of playing a happier role and adding him in my artistic career, and the championship has its responsibility, starting with the selection of papers and personal details

– I am happy to work with director Raouf Abdel Aziz, because he respects the actor, the script, and he is diligent, and I feel that I am working in a work battalion united by love.

– A different deviation series, the dramatic construction in it is different and fast, and it is a different dramatic meal, and it deals with the idea of ​​deviating behavior and the results of that

– I met the owners of the real stories, and each story has its own details and circumstances, and they are all stories from the case files


– We present issues that occurred in Egyptian society and present our point of view regarding them, and they concern women because we are interested in women because I represent them in society. I am a mother, wife and sister. Therefore, I am interested in fairness to Egyptian women because they are strong, creative, responsible and great

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The main factors for the success of the series “Aberration” are the able director, good paper, and Raouf Abdel Aziz, who is confident in his team and actors, and we worked hard to reach the audience

– Director Raouf Abdel Aziz is the only one who does not care about time, as he repeats the scenes and shoots the scene in 5 or 6 hours, even during the presentation of the series, in order to get the scene that satisfies him and the audience

– One of the difficulties of photography is spending a long time. One day, I left my house to go shooting at 9 pm and came home at 12 pm the next day, but because of my love and everyone’s love for the project, I forgot the fatigue

– There are many difficult scenes that make me vulnerable, but I will not repeat the mistake of “Bint Al-Sultan”

– I consulted psychiatrists and we present a difficult character, which is a difficult and huge project, and the character appears to be the opposite of what it is.

– I was excited to try “Kid Al Harem” because it is a Gulf and comedy series, and I am the only Egyptian actress. It is a new offering for myself, and showing the two series in one season is a test for me.

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