“Stories of Alien Ghosts” … A mysterious mystery and Arab Jewish heroes between Beijing, Brooklyn and Alexandria


Raseef22 presents the first excerpts from the series “Ghost Stories of Exile” by the author Masoud Hayyoun, which will be published by Arab British Dar Darf.

The first novel, “Building 46”, is set in Beijing and will be released in May, while the second novel is set in Beijing “Last night in Brighton” in Alexandria, Egypt and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York, and it will be released in October. Both novels contain Arab-Jewish heroes, born in America, and both include a mystery about a murder involving feelings of alienation and longing for home.

These excerpts are translated by Yara Fadel Schilling.

Between Beijing, Alexandria, and New York, Arab-Jewish personalities and a mystery about a crime… The first excerpts from the series “Ghost Stories of Exile” by the author Masoud Hayoun, which will soon be published by Arab British Darif

That night, far from Tiananmen Square, Haidian’s universities and Chaoyang District’s bars, and Beijing’s metropolitan areas, I would not have known that this neighborhood was in a suburb of the Chinese capital. The absence of city noise for miles away was stealing something from her. Although part of the humanity of this city has been lost because of the Olympics, and despite its calmness that was instead of the warmth that was covering it, yet this neighborhood, which is located in one corner of the city, is still the same. wild. A questionable place, quiet and deceptively ordinary. The right place to get things unseen and unheard of.. innocent looking, like one of the dark corners of Central Park or the Meiji Shrine, between urban sprawl and wilderness, those places that fought the asphalt with nature lovers. But that night, something mysterious and mysterious happened.

If you had magical power to eavesdrop, you’d be surprised if one of them could pounce on the other

A car parked in front of a closed restaurant in an alley. There was agitation in that car because of a silent exchange and petty cliches between driver and passenger, not because of a big fight.

Perhaps our hearing of what happened helped us correct the interpretation. Feelings of great pleasure and great pain are alike. Ultimately, these feelings inspire people to cry and pant. If you had a magical ability to eavesdrop, you’d be surprised by one of them being able to pounce on the other. If you were a kind person, to hear their heartbeat ringing in your ear.. you would have seen a decisive blow. Whatever I was in that situation, I would have insisted on determining who hit first, and I would have decided if it was in self-defence. But you would not have seen more than the amazement on their faces.

Signs of life are beginning to return to the promenades of Brighton Beach. Brighton Street was quiet, but on the promenades of the beach swarmed several husbands and wives. They were wearing coats from the department store on Brighton Beach Street. Their happiness was evident in the quiet of the night as they immersed themselves in a state of pleasant European relaxation. Looking at them through my Egyptian eyes, they seemed to me to be dead – alive.

It is said that the promenades of Brighton Beach look like St Petersburg. Parents on this walk, they walk in their modest, Soviet monochromatic woolen knits from the Baltic cold.

I was thinking about my options on Bond while Tony looked at the passersby. Wasim has always been amazed at my ability to send text messages quickly and at the speed of my fingers in typing. Waseem’s last mobile phone was old and had no internet connection. He was not out of step with the times. Rather, he saw many struggles come and go, and he was determined to learn new things. He was learning Mandarin at his death. He used to get annoyed when I got attached to my phone, and about bowing my head as if I was submissive to him. Wasim didn’t hate today’s mobile phones due to people’s concerns about privacy. He didn’t care that marketers knew he was an oatmeal fan, but was convinced that every new mobile phone was a step back.

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