The 7 best fitness apps to train in 2021


At home it is possible to maintain a relatively active lifestyle and break the sedentary lifestyle with physical exercise sessions without resorting to gym training. Grab your phone and install the best fitness apps for Android and iOS.

They are great solutions to train at home with the help of your cell phone and avoid going to the gym. The choice was based on the functions of each app, main highlights and user reviews on the Play Store and App Store.

1. MyFitnessPal

android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

The MyFitnessPall application helps us to achieve the desired figure and to lose weight in a regular way, in addition to encouraging the user to maintain an active lifestyle. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms, being easy to use.

The health and fitness app collects data about the calories and nutritional values ​​of each food. It has tips for preparing healthy meals to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness and your lifestyle.

We also recommend Map My Run for iOS to track running and training courses. For Android users, we point out the Calorie Counter as a good complement to the MapMyFitness Personal Trainer app.

2. Freeletics Training Coach

android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

Total freedom of schedule for training with a personal trainner and a well-structured application. Allows you to set various goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle improvement and fitness tracking.

It’s one of the best free gym apps you can have on your Android or iOS, with several complementary apps for more specific workouts and sports. The reviews are excellent and in the version premium you have a more personalized follow-up.

We highlight the control of exercises and workouts from the Apple Watch, in addition to the integration of metrics with HeathlKit so you can follow everything in the Apple app.

3. Strava

android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

If you like to run, cycle or just walk outdoors, this is the best free fitness app. Whether to record the route, with various metrics, or to achieve a more active lifestyle with a training plan, this is our recommendation.

Strava also works with Apple Watch and uses GPS location for greater accuracy. Public reviews place it among the best free fitness apps, with a careful design and intuitive interface on both platforms.

It is one of the most comprehensive fitness apps and best supported across multiple devices. Especially suitable for practitioners of outdoor exercise and fans of running or walking.

4. Spartan Home Workouts

android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

The best fitness app for intense workouts, with sessions dedicated to MMA, you have incredible interactive tracking. The app is free, simple to use and promises to get you in shape quickly with more intense but customizable workouts.

With warm-up and cool-down recommendations to prevent muscle injuries, this app takes your fitness very seriously and is packed with tools. From the training log and activity history, to the calorie counter and incentives.

For iPhone users, it is possible to mirror the directions on Apple TV, or control training from the Apple Watch. We also highlight the possibility of selecting the group of muscles to train and various control filters.

5. MapMyFitness Personal Trainer

map my

android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

Probably the most complete free app for home workouts, MapMyFitness even includes training and activity sessions for people with restricted movement, or motor disabilities. The app is the best way to plan your workouts.

It also serves as an incentive to practice sports, with personalized routines and various ways of recording and monitoring progress over time. We recommend this app in conjunction with MyFitnessPal by Under Armour, Inc.

We highlight compatibility with Android Wear devices (smart watches) in addition to the Apple Watch. You can sync data from Garmin, Fitbit, and other devices.

6. Home Exercises – No Equipment

android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

One of the best home gym apps for anyone looking for specific workouts. We have different sessions planned for the different muscle groups, with this free app making the choice simple and with great guidance throughout your workouts.

Without leaving home, we can train regularly by following the visual and sound instructions, with sequences and intensities that adapt to the user. The application claims to follow a scientific method so that you can reach your goals safely.

We highlight the heating and cooling sequences, in addition to the automatic recording of the process. We have detailed video guides, customizable reminders, suitable for beginners or more advanced users.

7 – Training for Women – Female Fitness


android: Free on Play Store
iOS: Free on the App Store

The best fitness app for women has specific workouts with 7 minute sessions being the biggest highlight. There are quick and effective fat burning workouts to get your summer body in less time, as well as in-depth guides.

Using your mobile phone, this app helps you to define your waist, improve physical and mental health without the need for equipment, or go to the gym. It is completely free, with no locked features and can be used by beginners who want to start training.

Video guidance is the highlight of this fitness app, as is the built-in personal trainer. We have several warm-up and cool-down routines, as well as complete sessions, with different muscle groups and goals.

3 tips for creating a “gym” at home

1. Use the space at your disposal. It can be a studio, a little used room, or even a balcony. In limited spaces, he opts for conventional physical exercises such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups and combinations of both.

2. Select the minimum equipment. A yoga mat, or similar, some weights that allow for various applications and types of exercise, and elastic bands to train resistance. Avoid large investments in ellipticals, or treadmills.

3. Create a solid routine. Fitness apps are a good incentive, but without willpower and a regular routine, you won’t achieve your goals. Remember to create a schedule, or dedicate a few minutes of the day (at the beginning or end) to exercise.

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