The best ideas for modern children’s bedrooms

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When it comes to design Modern children’s bedroom Perfection, it’s not all about it decorative walls New bed frames while they certainly can be, but choosing a neutral color for the walls is an easy way to personalize a children’s room.

Getting the right balance of space with plenty of storage that also looks great involves taking a holistic approach to the room, which also takes into account how the room can evolve over time. The décor of a children’s room changes over the years as children become valuable teens.

Choose furniture and décor items that won’t date with time, or if you’re incorporating modern pieces, keep them small and easy to change, this Star Wars-inspired nursery features a patterned wallpaper that can easily pass as the night sky on first impressions. Cushions and astrology-inspired art add a playful touch.

If you plan on enjoying wall decals and an animal kingdom theme, move the space back so that there are only one or two main hero features, such as a statement wallpaper or a bed frame, and build the rest of the room around it .

Inspired by the iconic children’s book The Gruffalo In this renovated century-old Edwardian home, the child’s bedroom features a detailed mural of Gruffalo himself. The artwork is paired with a simple gray rug and rug, as well as a wooden bed frame.

This kid’s room takes a more traveler-themed approach. Rustic airplane models on the wall above the bed as well as the large model of the yacht on the bookshelf add a touch of fun.

A stark white canopy bed frame paired with vibrant floral patterned bedding adds a touch of romance to the children’s bedroom in this modern beachfront home. The Wall Hanging Pillow is a stylish wardrobe solution that turns Bertie’s small wardrobe into a visual feature.

Creating the perfect nursery doesn’t start and end with a bed, there’s plenty of possibilities to explore options in the rest of the room too, in the kids’ room of this all-white, Mediterranean-style home, a comfortable window seat has been created to become the perfect reading nook while also adding extra storage..

When creating a private space for your kids, soft, bountiful finishes are a must which is why the rug in this contemporary beachfront home is also a cozy play area..

Storage is key when it comes to creating a functional nursery, whether it’s under the bed, in the wardrobe, or with floating shelves. A floating shelf in the children’s room of this minimalist-style home is paired with colorful artwork and a mirror to create playful miniatures.

Eye-catching wallpaper is an easy way to make a dramatic statement in a kid’s room, instantly introducing a bold element to a space. In this children’s room, a rich green canopy hangs over the white bed for a dreamy touch.

Maintaining a consistent color palette throughout a child’s room is an easy way to make a strong statement. In this family-friendly California bungalow, an armchair complements the green tones in the bedding and in the artwork on the wall.

Wanting to continue incorporating a theme into a child’s bedroom in a home, a series of custom skateboards were installed above the bed to replace the head of the bed..

In building the eco-friendly little house, a custom double bunk bed was created to make the most of the compact footprint and high ceilings of this child’s bedroom.

While this kid’s room glows on signature pieces, painting the walls and ceiling panels in pink adds a soft, romantic vibe to the space, a headboard is the perfect finishing touch..

While an all-white palette for a kid’s room may seem risky, this Byron Bay renovation features crisp white throughout. In the boy’s room, a custom bunk raised system was created to accommodate the bedrooms and provide an additional play area.

This child’s room canopy house-themed bed frame adds a dreamy element, especially when paired with a string of bunting. A vibrant mix of plaid and colorful bedding is the perfect finishing touch.

In the wood-clad children’s room, custom floating shelves and ample storage under the bed base were key.

There is a bunk bed with a trundle aft with pillows and the beds are colorful and patterned for a fun contrast.

The neutral color complements the white and blue bedding as well as the wooden bed frame, woven rug, and concrete floors.

If you’re not ready to stick with a dramatic wall color or art pieces, incorporate the color with bedding and textiles within the space for a playful aesthetic. In the children’s room of this renovated mine cottage, a vibrant mix of patterns and colors instantly transforms the room’s white palette.

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