The chip that allows you to pay using the lever

  • Kathryn Latham
  • BBC economics editor

picture released, PIOTR DEJNEKA

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The chip can be used as usual with automatic payment machines

Patrick Baumann usually creates a lot of ado when he pays for his purchases or drinks at the café.

The reason for this is that the 37-year-old does not need credit or bank cards, nor his mobile phone to pay, but is sufficient for him to use his arm.

Baumann, a Dutch security man, only has to put his hand near the automatic payment machine, to complete the payment, and says: “The looks of surprise I see, are worth a lot, more than any money.”

Baumann was able to push that way, because he implanted a microchip under the skin in 2019. “The microchip injection hurts a little bit, as much as someone pinch you,” he adds.

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