The National Archives and Library launches a set of its digital assets with NFT technology


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The National Archives and Library launched a rare set of NFT assets, which are unique, non-fungible tokens, which are based on digital tokens linked to “Blockchain” technology, and ensure the preservation of private property rights for all kinds of holdings.

The National Archives and Library launched these assets on the NFT technology, which includes all that is taking place in terms of transfers and deals, as the first archival authority in the world to launch NFT digital assets to ensure the publication of its valuable holdings of historical documents, and to provide access to them via the Internet, and what was presented is part of The huge and rare collections owned by the National Archives and Library. Those who wish to view these collections can visit the website or contact the National Archives and Library.

important step

A group of documentaries dealing with the history of the United Arab Emirates have been uploaded to this innovative platform, and this initiative is an important step to keep pace with the technological digital future with the latest technologies globally, to adopt the intelligent transformation into the virtual world.

This collection of historical photographs is an important part of the documentary archive owned by the National Archives and Library, and historical documents that monitor the emergence of the state in its various stages and fields, starting from the stage before the establishment of the union, and beyond, and the growth, development and progress witnessed by the state through the efforts of the late His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, and his brothers the founding fathers, and the efforts of the rational leadership that followed in their footsteps.

This step is in line with the government’s orientation in the field of assets, and keeps pace with the technical development that attracts a large number of interested people to this modern digital sector in an effort to achieve leadership in this field, which is unique in its kind.

exceptional projects

Regarding this step, Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Acting Director General of the National Archives, said: The National Archives and Library spares no effort in order to transform towards exceptional and future projects for the UAE on the path of the next fifty years, during which the UAE aspires towards digital, technical and scientific excellence, to be The global capital of the future, as desired by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, in the ten principles that he adopted for the next fifty years.

He added: We are pleased to be at the forefront of the entities that have offered some of their assets to NFT technology, which has become a major driver in the world of digital auctions, and can preserve the property rights of our exhibited holdings. Represented by blockchain technology, in the field of future investment that supports our vision of leadership in providing distinguished archival, documentary and research services, and providing the best services in innovative ways that are consistent with the visions of our wise leadership.


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