“This illogical reason led to the absence of video technology from the AFC Champions League”


Journalist Manar Shaheen quoted Ibrahim Al-Qasim, Secretary-General of the Saudi Football Association, as saying the real reason for not applying video technology in the group stage matches of the AFC Champions League.

The group stage in the Champions League is currently being held in the combined cycle system in Saudi Arabia, and 4 clubs participate in the Saudi League: Al Hilal, Al Shabab, Al Taawun, and Al Faisaly.

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Shaheen confirmed, during his statements to Al-Hassad Sports Program, that money was not the reason for the absence of the “VAR” from the group stage matches of the Champions League, but rather another reason entirely, and he described it as illogical.

He said, “I was in a previous edition of the Champions League and spoke with Ibrahim Al-Qasim, who occupies one of the positions in the Asian Football Confederation, and he assured me that the absence of VAR technology in the group stage of the AFC Champions League is not due to financial problems, but rather because this technology does not exist in Some of the countries whose clubs are participating in the tournament.

He continued, “There are countries such as India, Myanmar, Indonesia and Bangladesh that do not apply VAR technology, and the Confederation has considered it fair that this technology should not be applied in the group stages of its championships and that it be present in the advanced stages only.”

Shaheen described this reason as illogical, pointing out that the AFC should benefit from organizing countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for the group stage and using the video technology that already exists and is used in local tournaments.

He added, “The AFC’s thinking about this is not good and illogical at all. It is necessary to take advantage of the establishment of the group stage in a role that has video technology, such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. It is not at all logical to deprive the group stage teams of video technology for the sake of countries that are not advanced in football such as Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia.” .