Vegan Territory: Univeg Fair returns this Sunday at Quintal Verde Pampulha


Location: Quintal Verde Pampulha: Av Otacílio Negrão de Lima 15190 – Pampulha BH

Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

After two years, UniVeg, an event created in 2018 within UFMG to promote veganism, returns to the Quintal Verde space in Pampulha.

Ana Cristina Gomes: Creator and Organizer of UniVeg

THE UniVeg takes place this Sunday with 24 exhibitors, in addition to food and special products, there will be natural cosmetics, crafts, pet adoption, flash tattoos, raffles and lots of joy, as Ana Cristina says, celebrating the eleventh edition and inviting everyone to get to know the event.

“Our Sunday will be full of delicious foods, cosmetics, take-home products and more!”

Discover some products that will be in this edition of UniVeg:

An award-winning product in New Zealand, now produced in Brazil!
Totally plant based, lactose free, flavoring free and allergen free. Made from coconut oil that contains polyphenols of antioxidant action, contains turmeric, which one of its benefits is to improve the effect of insulin in diabetes and also has organic apple cider vinegar in its composition, which is antioxidant, diuretic, strengthens the immune system in addition to influencing cholesterol reduction.

Presented in 3 flavors, traditional, garlic and porcini mushroom, Vutter is a great option for cooking, for creating recipes for people with dietary restrictions, but with a lot of flavor.

Vale dos Hamburgers is the first totally vegan burger joint in Contagem-MG

Uai Tofu is an organic tofu brand that uses organic, non-GMO soy.

Eli Veggie will be present at UniVeg with 6 different flavors of mini pizza

Vegana will be present at UniVeg, bringing cookies, brownies, cake slices and pie slices!

Ariel Vegan Food was born from the entrepreneurship of mother and daughter who seek to innovate in vegan gastronomy. The diversified menu brings quality food with homemade flavor and mother’s seasoning. There are several options, such as: Heart of palm Stroganoff, various snacks, pies and many other quick and healthy options

Make a Wish Lanches came about from the dream of taking veganism to different classes.
Propagating a popular veganism and also “gourmet”, it presents affective food with versions of sweet and savory that are known and popular.

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