Vinyl as an alternative to wood in bedroom floors


Vinyl is used as an alternative to wood in bedroom flooring for an acceptable industrial first material cost; Vinyl flooring is called PVC, in reference to the “polyvinyl chloride” material that it is made of, and it takes the form of tiles (or plates or sheets), and it is available in several styles, thanks to technological and design progress, some of which mimic wood, and others are carpets. It makes an attractive addition to the bedroom decor.

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Vinyl is a practical material in decoration

Vinyl is an affordable synthetic material

• It is easy to install vinyl on floors in bedrooms, whether they are concrete, solid wood or plywood, and it is easy to replace vinyl from time to time, due to its acceptable cost.
• Vinyl floors are practical, as they are resistant to water, moisture and stains, and therefore easy to clean by vacuuming, and wiping them with warm water and an ordinary detergent.
• Finally, there are luxurious vinyl floors that mimic natural wood, and are the perfect addition to a contemporary bedroom.

Characteristics of vinyl flooring in bedrooms

Vinyl flooring is durable, warm and sound-absorbing; People buy it for its low cost (even the premium type of vinyl), compared to laminate flooring. Here are some of the material’s characteristics:
• Provides a feeling of warmth under the feet, on the bedroom floors.
• A range of designs and colors are available from these floors.
On the other hand, it scratches when heavy bedroom furniture is pulled on it, causing it to deteriorate. Therefore, it is always advised to keep more vinyl planks when renovating the decor.

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Decoration ideas

vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring makes an attractive addition to the decor in contemporary bedrooms

The décor in the bedroom, with vinyl flooring that imitates wood, is coordinated by the latter’s color. Here are some helpful decorating tips in this regard:
• Vinyl flooring that imitates dark wood such as: cherry or mahogany calls for cream-colored furnishings.
• Vinyl flooring in the form of yellow wood, such as: bamboo, blends in with the earthy furnishings and warm accessories.
• Vinyl flooring, which takes the form of wood, suits light-colored decorations, such as blue, or neutral ones…

• Vinyl flooring, which takes the form of wood carved with unique patterns, requires the presence of calm and soft furnishings, in order to achieve a harmonious decorative palette of elements.

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