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The TV unit is one of the essential pieces in the living rooms, and interior designers are devising different ways to coordinate it within the home decor, so as not to occupy a large area of ​​the room, as well as adding an aesthetic touch with the room’s furniture.

In this article, we will review the latest innovative ideas in the decoration of TV units in the living rooms.

1. Elegant Wooden TV Unit

There is nothing more luxurious than a TV unit of elegant wooden decor with its different colors that match the colors of your home decor, from brown and black to white and gray.

The wooden units give a luxurious addition to the living room, as well as provide plenty of space for small decor pieces, books and souvenirs, which can be placed around the TV screen.

2. Modern Wooden TV Units

Over the past years, interior designers have created many forms of wooden units, not only containing an upper shelf for placing the TV, but also a number of other shelves, drawings and shapes to suit the character of the house, whether it is classic or modern.

Modern TV table designs are characterized by their simplicity and wood texture, and are almost completely free from engraving and painting. Note that the popular colors this season are many and different, and include natural wood in shades of brown, black, gray or white.

3. TV screen commentary

When positioning the TV, it’s important to consider its height relative to where you’ll be viewing it from, and this can vary depending on your seating arrangements, but usually your eyes should fall about a third to about halfway below the TV screen.

Architectural designer Jenny Allan, owner of Jenny Allan Design, revealed that the size of the TV in relation to the placement is something to think carefully, and an interior designer can extract the size on a piece of paper, to ensure that the proposed TV work fits in the space, if you are not working with Designer, it may be useful to create a model with dimensions and mount it on a wall in order to visualize proportions.

4. The Library’s Embrace of Television

One of the latest and most popular TV unit designs is its inclusion in the middle of a large home library, and interior designers revealed the effectiveness of bookshelves with a TV screen in the middle, as a great addition to the living room, as well as reducing the difficult visual impact of the TV.

Since appearances can be very busy, it is helpful to make sure the background is clean and streamlined, this will help to display books elegantly, and placing the TV in the middle of the screen will strike the balance.

5. Place the TV in the bedrooms

The Lebanese interior designer, Alyan Faraj, warned when designing the place for placing the TV in the bedroom that it should be integrated into the decor, taking into account the distance and height, and not leaving the wires exposed, in addition to the necessity of placing the TV comfortably, and considering the distance and height according to the place of sitting, preferably higher From the height of the bed by one meter.

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